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 Chewy and Bingo LOVE your show!!!    |    Mimi Patterson        
At night, when Chewy and Bingo are out of control, I put this show on and WOW, they ARE ACTUALLY CAPTIVATED!!! I first got those from vision video and she loves it. when I play it in the car, Chewy and Bingo are hooked on the video!!! please, answer back to me!!! at night, when Bingo is crying and teething, I put this on, and Bingo STOPS crying!!! thank you! and Chewy thinks it was his FAVORITE DVD!!! thank-you, and god bless!

 MY BABY LOVES IT!!!    |    Mimi Patterson        
Every night, I have to play Wheels On The Bus for Chewy and Bingo. (Ages 7 and 4 Months old) and it captivates them! I think they are in love with papaya! Chewy and Bingo are your BIGGEST and HUGEST fans!!! for Bingo's 1st birthday, I want a Wheels On The Bus theme. thanks for a great show!

 A Daily Dose    |    Nick        
Our son Desmond was born in the last few weeks of the year of the dragon last January, but the connection clearly goes beyond his relation to the bus driver! We have yet to find any "show" that captivates his attention like The Wheels on the Bus. I've also not found anything so pleasant and enjoyable to put on nearly every single day for the last 6 months. I can't wait `til he can sing along with us. The Jellyfish scene is one of our favorites. Wherever I am I always come running to ooh and ahh with him :) - Thank you TWOTB!

 More shows    |    Pat        
My 2 year old just discovered Wheels on the bus with Mango and papaya. Will there be more episodes? Please! He what's to watch the same 3 over and over. It is the best show ever! I love the fact that it is Los Angeles based, We live near the L.A. Zoo and it is a great hit!

 Love it    |    Shantese        
I love this show! My son watches it EVERYDAY! He can be in a really bad mood and soon as I put it on his smile lights up the room! Everyone in my house even signs the songs!

 Great for Toddlers    |    Rachel        
My 2 year old son LOVES the Wheels on the Bus! There are only 3 episodes on Netflix so I guess we'll be buying some DVDs :)

 9 month    |    Deyanira        
My 9 month old baby loves the show. She watches it on netflix. Every time I have to leave to work this is the only thing that leaves her calm or she cries hysterically.

 What happened?    |    Stacy        
My 18 month old loves these 3 episodes but why are there only 3. Did production go under? It is quite an educational show for children and with all the awards they received what happened to it?
Any ideas?
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Hi Stacy,
We are so glad your child likes these DVDs. We only have the 3 DVDs but we did create 13 TV episodes based on some of the original footage. You can download them from our website. EOne is going to create 4 new DVDs from the TV footage to release in July 2013. Thank you

 Fun!    |    Erin K.        
We found this on Netflix and my son fell in love. He asks for Dragon and Mouse all the time and gets so excited when we play the CD in the car. It would be nice if there was a Moon Mouse coloring page ;)

 i love it    |    crystalina        
I just had to say that kids think that this show is really cool well in my case i have a sibling who is a baby who only gets calmed down or to eats really fast if she watches wheels on the bus.I suggest you that you make more episodes like up to 55 episodes.;

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