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 You've Gotta Have These Wheels!    |    Sarina        
Nothing in our DVD or DVR collection is as well-rounded as The Wheels On The Bus trilogy. My 3.5 year old starting watching the clips on Youtube when he was under 2. My husband bought the set. We haven't stopped watching them since. My son now has a little sister who is 1.5 years old, and she is totally into it now. I watch whatever my kids are watching, and I am always impressed and finding new cleverness, nuances, meaning, and purpose to these DVDs. My husband is a little tired of hearing my commentary and how smart and thorough the makers of these DVDs are. And I'm not making a penny for writing any of this. I have just meant to contribute to this site over and over, and well, I've been a little busy! Enjoy and "take a ride."

 My child can't get enough    |    ann cheesman        
My 2 year old absolutely LOVES all of these. The original songs are really good and quite catchy. I only wish there were more than 3 episodes :)

 the wheels on the bus volumes one and two    |    Edwin and Julie Pibal        
we stumbled appon these dvds at the local Warehouse (like walmart, but smaller) and decided to buy them for our daughter once she was born, now at 20 months old, she LOVES the dvds, they have helped her learn words and she can sing along with the dvds where possible.

have just discovered the volume 3 and music cd, we have bought those for her and egerly await them to arrive down here in New Zealand

 My son loves this show!    |    Elizabeth        
He was just begining to like the song "the wheels on the bus" when we discovered this show. He watches it everyday! He is now 1 but has been watching it since he was about 10 mos. His favorite is Mango. When ever he comes on the screen my son smiles big! Thank you for creating the show based on this song because it is his favorite song!

     |    Elizabeth        
We've discovered this show on Netflix and ever since then my 10 month old son watches it every day! He already like the song from another show but this show sings it through out! He loves the songs and the puppets!

 my little sisther & brother    |    jennifer        
my sister love the wheel on the bus .all the time she want to see the video and my brother wash the movie whit her. when the finish she go to sleep it a good video and day learn

 A Life-saver!    |    Ola        
I the mother of very demanding two-yr-old twin boys absolutely love thewheelsonthebus DVDs! I get very much needed peaceful time as they watch the DVDs..laughing and singing along..the DVDs are helping us get through sleepless sick nights too...I'm in love with them myself and looking forward to more episodes!

 Daughter is Addicted!    |    Emily L.        
My 22-month-old daughter cannot get enough of the Moon Mouse (Volume 2). It's trippy for us, as parents, to hear Victoria Jackson and Roger Daltry every day, but it works for her! We limit her TV access, and she knows she can only watch a certain amount per day. She always insists on "Bus!"

 Birthday Party    |    Kathryn Kuhr        
My daughter is 20 months old and loves your DVD's. We have to watch on youtube and listen to the CD in the car all the time! My son is 3 yrs old and also loves the DVD. I want to have a Bday party for my daughter when she turns 2 with "The Wheels On The Bus" theme. Do you guys sell anything for that or have any ideas? Thanks so much!
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Hello Kathryn,
I hope your day is going well. We really don't have any party theme items. It is something we have talked about developing. We had one customer make a beautiful cake with our caricatrues. If you email me at I can send you a photo.

     |    nayereh farzanehazad        
I ordered one of the digital videos and I had some problem downloading it. I sent an email to Customer Support and I had two emails within some hours and my problem solved. I really appreciate the way I was treated.
Also worth to mention that my 18 months old daughter started to speak with this video and the first real word she said was "The Bus" , she as asking for "The bus" as soon as she opens her eyes.
Thanks again for your wonderful products and valuable support.

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