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 My Grandaughter LOVES it!    |    Carol        
My 2 1/2 year old grandaughter just loves the song The Wheels on the Bus..well I searched and I found this site. I have to tell you that everyday I had to put on the computer so she could see it. I ordered the DVD and when I ever put it on her eyes lit up and she did not move from the TV...what a great DVD so well done!!Thank you!!

 Fantastic Product    |    Christine Vaughn        
My 17 month old grandaughter has become obsessed with "Wheels on the Bus" from watching on youtube everytime she visits. I finally purchased the box set for her. My daughter said my grandaughter absolutely loves these dvds. My daughter has to play them over and over. She said they listens to them so much she is finding herself singing all day at work. Thank you for such a wonderful series. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.

 Awesome Program    |    John Janda        
This is my second box set I have ordered and have to say it is one of the best programs on the market, my grandson absolutly loves it and is glued to it everytime
he watches it,I hope my grandaughter loves it as much as he does, do yourself a favor and get this Box Set, you won't be dissapointed.

 Thanks for entertaining my twins!    |    Lori S.        
My twins loved the Wheels on the Bus song at a very early age so I googled Wheels on the Bus videos and found yours. We bought one and my boy/girl twins were mesmerized. This was by far the first video they would sit through (OVER AND OVER) and we have owned all three for the past 9 months. We try not to spend too much time in front of the tv but they enjoy them so much we can't resist. Popping in the video can always resolve a melt-down in my house:) Thanks!!
This mother of one-year-old twins needs a happy break and glad your video provides that. Lori

 My Son Loves Mango's Animal Adventure    |    Christina        
My son will be 2 years old in August and refuses to go to sleep without this movie. He sings all the songs all day long and knows almost every word! I recommend this to everyone with small children! It's gotten scratched and skips and im here to buy another one of the same dvd and also going to try a few more so I dont have to hear the same one over and over every day! Really catchy songs, i catch myself singing them sometimes:)

 luv it    |    michele        
My grandson will be two in July and I bought the tape for him two months ago, whenever its on he doesnt move....its the only video that keeps his attention. Have to get more....

 Very Good    |    Sharon        
My son loves to watch the show esp the one called 'Adventure'. He loves the fishes and animals featured. and will have to watch at least 3 times a day.

 Thank you!!!    |    Dinara        
I am a mother of a 1,3 year old daughter. It's been 2 months since we started watching and listening to the song "wheels on the bus" on youtube. Then we downloaded 5 free MP3s which was such a pleasant gift! My babygirl adores your videos and all characters of the videos. She wanted me to play these songs over and over again everyday, and very soon she started showing all movements what heroes do in the video, especially monkey's:-) We are not english native speakers, but I try to speak english to her as much as I can, and your songs greatly help me in this! It makes her learning so interesting. For instance, even if she is in another room and doesn't see the driver on the bus, she can recognize that driver says: move on back, the same is for the horn: beep-beep))) She will turn 1 year and 3 months by the end of January 2009 and seeing her grasping all these learning ideas from your songs is such a great progress, I think! We plan send your CD's to your home country Uzbekistan, as soon as we get one for ourselves, so that other kids of relatives could also enjoy and learn these wonderful songs!

Thank you so much for your efforts to make childhood of our kids so beautiful and enjoyable!

 Fantastic DVDs    |    Jimmy        
My wife and I purchased the 3 DVD set, as well as, the CD. Both my son (4) and daughter (2) watch them almost every day. My father-in-law drives a school bus, so they love anything to do with school buses. This is a great product!

 It is worth every penny!    |    Heidi Krause        
My two year old son wouldn't watch anything other then Pixar's Cars and Toy Story. That is until we got The Wheels On The Bus box set. The very first night we watched "Mango's Big Dog Parade." He wanted to watch it over and over. As a mom, I loved the video because it has so many educational segments in it. Tyler repeated the words, sing along and would even tell us what was happening in the video. I was very impressed. The next day he took it to his day care and shared it with his friends. His teacher liked it so much, she wants to buy it too. She said all of the kids loved the video, including the four year olds. I am so impressed, I am recommending the videos as Christmas presents to other people I know. I can't wait for more of these videos to come out. I will definately contiue to buy them. They are worth every penny!

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