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 Great videos!    |    Kerri Kannady        
My boys love these videos and I also enjoy the catchy tunes! I am a preschool teacher as well and plan to use these videos and songs in my classroom.The videos are well done and songs are so adorable! I bought one for my friend's little boy and plan to purchase more for others.

 Looking Forward for New Production    |    May Goh        
Thank you so much for the wonderful production. My 17 month old son simply loves these videos!! He learnt so much words and actions from the show. He is able to remember when the actions would be done and will do them beforehand. This is simply amazing! There is no other shows like this! We sure look forward for the next one.

 Great DVDs    |    Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson        
I originally saw a clip from The Wheels on the Bus on YouTube when searching for fun things for my 18 month old son. He loved that short clip and I knew I had to get the DVDs. I got the box set and it's been a major success! The CD is in the car with the result that now my son doesn't want to leave the car when we stop! He loves doing all the movements along with the songs and has been really quick at picking them up. Greetings from Iceland and keep up the good work!

 Thank you Wheels on the Bus    |    Sue Price        
Our families love the wheels on the bus series. We just watched the new title, Mango's Big Dog Parade and we love it! It may be the best yet. Please keep up the great work!

 Money well spent!!!! Highly recommended!!!!    |    Kirstin Westbrook        
I am so happy we found this video! Our daughter, 16 months, loves it. She will move her arms like the wheels on the bus to let me know she wants to watch it (which is daily). She has also learned how to say "sh-sh-sh" with her finger to her lips and so many other things. The locations that they visit are perfect for early learning and the songs are fun to sing. Highly reccomended!!!!

 My daughter can't get enough    |    J. Klein (NJ, USA)        
I bought this video because it had gotten such great reviews on and thought that it would be nice to add to our children's video collection. My daughter is 2 and can't see this video enough times. She says "monkey bus over again please OK". We have to tell her no more after 2 or 3 times in a row. I catch myself humming the original songs "Everybody on the Bus is Going Somewhere" and "Fill it Up" while I'm at work. It's catchy, a bit cheesy in the production values, but it's definitely my daughter's favorite thing to watch. I would highly recommend it.

 5 Stars from a Special Education Teacher    |    Luci        
This children's video is amazing. I teach students with autism and this is the ONE movie that I can put on and all of them have complete attention on the screen. My students learn from music and I have actually been able to generalize the skillls taught in the movie (nutrition, safety) and teach them in the class because they have memorized the songs. I would highly recommend this movie to parents with children with special needs. It is extremely visual with bright colors and animated characters that keep the children interested, while LEARNING :o) Yeah, I couldn't ask for anything more!!!!

 Best ever!!! A must see. Highly recommend!!    |    J. Nagel (Virginia)        
My 20 mo son will not watch ANYTHING on tv. We have tried the Wiggles, Barney, Sesame Street, Baby Einstein series etc... and he has absolutely no interest! This video is the only thing he has ever watched. He has become obsessed with it and is contantly asking for "bus." It has great upbeat music, interesting characters, animals, and a very engaging story line for kids. It is absolutely wonderful. I cannot recommend it more highly!! The best video purchase ever. Even my 4 yr old daughter likes to watch it with him!! You wont be disappointed.

 One of the best videos    |    Savannah L. (Idaho)        
My little one age 20 months loves the songs and the movements made in time to the songs! One of the best-adults will find themselves singing along also. Has all the words to songs included. Keep the 1-2's interest. Highly recommend!

 This is the movie for you!    |    herriman, utah        
We got this dvd as a gift and we put it in when my son was about 9 mths old. He is now 28 mths old and we have worn it out! No amount of cleaning or praying will help! As an adult, it isn't as bad as some of the stuff out there, so that is why I am willing to replace it. If you like hearing 'the wheels on the bus' at home, in the car, at the store, in the middle of church and in your sleep... this is the movie for you!

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