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 GREAT JOB!    |    Tia Leo        
My niece (4 yrs. old) and nephew (1 1/2) LOVE your [first] video!! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful work!

I couldn't get the video right away but the song samples you provide in your website did wonders in the meantime!

My niece and nephew fell in love with the songs instantly, and whenever I babysat them I was able to provide them entertainment just by visiting your site!

Everything is EXCELLENT (songs, Characters, scenery, colors...). I am SO pleased with your work!


 HI TO JANIE    |    Aimiuwu Family        
I got your first DVD of Wheels on the Bus for Christmas and I really love it. I'd like to be your friend. My name is Aaron, I'm 4 years old and live in Australia. Are you coming to Australia soon?

 WONDERFUL DVD    |    Stacie Davis        
I had never heard of the video until I saw it at our local library. The Wheels on the Bus DVD has been wonderful. My daughter loves to sing along to all the songs and act out the motions. The videos help developmentally. It also is just long enough for me to get ready for work in the morning so I can spend the rest of my time in the morning with her. I tell everyone they need to add this to their collection.

 LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA    |    Elizabeth        
Hi my name is Elizabeth I am 10 years old and I think the wheels on the bus video is GREAT! Me and my two brothers of age 2 and 6 really like it. We hired it from the video shop but we just had to buy it from them because it was so good. We havent seen the second one yet but we really want to and I am sure we will.

 LOVE IT!!    |    Aaron Young        
I love these videos!! My twins are enthralled by them and the tunes are so jammin' that even mom and dad can enjoy it over and over again. Great Work! We're looking forward to the 3rd installment!

 TWINS    |    Kym in NJ        
My boy/girl 4 year old twins have not stopped watching this DVD since we got it home!!! They love the music & real life pictures of animals. Please continue to make more of these videos. And I had no idea until I looked that it was the famous Roger Daltrey, I've been a fan since I was a kid. My first LP was The Who back in the 70's. Thanks for making my kids very happy.

 Great DVD – My two year old LOVES it!    |    Michelle        
As everyone else has said this is a great DVD! My son that just turned two loves it! He laughs a lot during this DVD! The bus stops at different places to try to help Mango and Papaya find their home. Some of the stops are the Aquarium of the Pacific, a farm and finally the LA Zoo. They make other stops on the way like to get gas. My little guy loves the animals at the aquarium--especially the sharks! He can even say "jelly fish" now.

He laughs when the bus goes over bumps, when the people on the bus go "Ha, ha, ha" laughing, when the fish are swimming on the bus and when there are bubbles floating around on the bus.

Nice change of pace from his other favorites like Little Einstein and Zoboomafoo

 This is for Parents Too!    |    Daniel J. Chirillo        
Our toddler lit up when she saw this for the first time. Clever lyrics, arrangements and vocals introduce the youngsters to swing, jazz, a little rap and I swear a country western guitar. The musicians are having fun and the actors are feeding off it. We bought the CD too and the commute to daycare has become a happy ritual.

 Awesome!    |    Russ Brown        
As a Who fan i was intially a little disappointed to hear that Roger Daltrey had voiced a children’s dvd. However, we bought it for our two year old daughter and i can clearly see why he took part! Awesome awesome awesome!! Brilliant dvd and great tunes thanks!

 MORE!    |    Meredith        
My 17 month old son LOVES these videos and they are teaching him so much! The other day I put the video in and he said "hi Coco" - it was hilarious! I just ordered the CD for the car. My main comment is WE WANT MORE!!!! When is the next video in the series coming out? I plan to buy these two videos for all of my friends one year old's b-day parties!

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