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I saw The Wheels on the Bus DVD at the supermarket many months ago and got it for my now two-year old granddaughter. She loves it! We watch it all the time, thousands of times, it seems! Since I’m watching it with her, I particularly appreciate the high quality – I’m glad to rediscover all the characters myself. Thanks to everyone at Armstrong fMoving Pictures for so wonderfully and creatively capturing the charm of this beloved song. However, thank goodness you have another one now. We await it with great anticipation!

Sandy C.
Penn Valley PA


 just wanted to share my excitement. I am a mother of 2 small children, 3 yo and 2yo. We borrowed Mango and Papaya's Animal Adventure from the library and my kids love it. They are mesmerized every time they watch this video. They laugh and they dance. I can't believe my 2 yo will sit and watch the whole video. Your video has brought our family so much enjoyment.

Thank you!



My brother gave my 2 year old son the DVD for his birthday in December, and it was and is a firm favorite. We had to buy an immediate replacement from Amazon as soon as it became available in the UK at the end of January as Nathaniel broke his birthday copy by enthusiastic use of it.

Every day I have to be 'the girl' and Nate is either Mango or Papaya or the 'Dragon' and we visit all the places on the video.

Logging on to the web site we have watched many times the video clips from Mango and the moon mouse. Nate is just in love with it.

Please can you help make a small boy happy by helping us to buy the new video from the UK.

Thanks in anticipation

Kathy S.

Dear Robert,
I spoke with you about a month ago when you called to double check some information on an order that I had placed.  I told you how much my children love your Wheels on the Bus video and you were kind enough to send me the new Moon Mouse DVD to check out.  Thank you very much.  My kids love the mouse and recognized Coco right away.
But this letter is really about the initial order that I placed for my nephew.  He is almost 3 years old and up until recently he has been able to speak only a few garbled words.  He is somewhat aggressive and has a very short attention span.  I sent him the Wheels on the Bus video because having rented it from the library, I knew that it was a video that my children (3 and 1 years old) just loved to watch over and over.
His mother has been reluctant to put him in front of the TV feeling that the outlet would only allow him to sit idle and not interact.  What happened was just the opposite.  He has picked up so many words, can identify animals and even hums the song when he sees a bus on the road.  His entire body lights up when the beginning music comes on and he absolutely loves the scene with the Jumbo Shrimp Circus -- he laughs straight from his belly.
So, thank you.  Thank you for understanding that perfect media programming for little kids should be simple and joyous so that they enjoy the experience and are not just zoned into fancy graphics.  Thank you for sharing your songs with our families and giving us, as parents, something that we are comfortable sharing with most impressionable minds. And thank you for taking a song that we all know and turning it into something that we can sing with our children in our cars, in the bath and especially when we see a big yellow bus passing by. It has been so much fun for all of us.
And, thank you for being so gracious to share moon mouse with us.  We look forward to more of your children's products.
Orlando, Florida

My independent 2 year daughter recently cracked the most coveted disc in our DVD collection. In my desperate search to obtain a replacment of "Wheels" on your website, I was in awe to find that adults too (reviews) are just as likely to rejoice and sing along outloud over this "need to have more than oxygen" video.

While still suffering from the fury of Katrina, I find myself grinning ear to ear, lip syncing these catchy tunes on the way to work. I'll call my wife in her car--she's singing it too. I'd bet by the weekend that I could have an entire shelter of down and displaced families singing like a choir.

What an artful blend of talent, color and fun for the whole family. That young girl is strikingly perfect for her role. When will we see her again? Major appeal!

At the age of 37, I sing a few words from 1976's Electra Woman and DynaGirl, Wonder Bug, Kaptain Kool and The Kong, then hum the rest. I'd like to have some of that back. But I'm going to make sure that my daughter has a copy of "Wheels..." to have and then pass on to her's. Of course, I'll have my own.

Dustin Ransome
Contract worker, hurricane disaster relief
Baton Rouge, La


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