Our Company - Our Happy Child Productions, LLC

Our Happy Child Productions produces high quality, entertaining family-friendly programming for children ages 1-5 years.  It develops and commercializes characters and content for TV, DVDs, CDs and licensing. Our Happy Child Productions is the creator of The Wheels on the Bus series: a collection of multi award-winning educational DVDs, TV series, music CDs and videos, that teach early socialization skills such as sharing, helping, cooperation and good nutrition to young children.

The Wheels on the Bus Team

These musical adventures delight and entertain children while teaching valuable socialization skills, such as helping, sharing, taking turns and getting along. Our focus is on helping to create "great kids" - kids who are polite, kind, and respectful; kids who are happy and secure.

Developed in consultation with Dr. Dorothy Singer, PhD, Co-director of the Yale University Family Television Research Center, the material is age appropriate and provides an intelligent way for young children to absorb important concepts.

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, is the voice of the bus driver, Argon the Dragon. The rock legend’s voice is a perfect fit for the large green dragon and brings the beloved children’s classic song, The Wheels on the Bus, to life with creative verses and several original songs written for this series.

Winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award, The Wheels on the Bus children’s video series features a colorful blend of live action, puppetry and animation to create fun and captivating musical adventures based on the world famous song.

Each episode features visits to exciting destinations such as a zoo, a farm, an aquarium, a reptile show, a bird show, a birthday party, Whole Foods Market, and a dog parade. Bonus material on each DVD includes a "Behind the Scenes" movie that shows children exactly what went into making the film, as well as additional footage of various shows.

So climb aboard and enjoy these safe and friendly kids’ videos that celebrate music, friendship, learning, good manners, and the worldwide phenomenon known as "The Wheels on the Bus." 



parents choice silver honor iParenting Media Award Winner  Dove Family Approved best vacation childrens product The National Parenting Center Kids First! All-Star Creative Child Seal of Excellence award