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The Wheels on the Bus Series
DVD Release Year: 2008
Format: DVD • CD
Run Time: 33 minutes plus 31 minutes of bonus videos
Ages: 1-5 years old
Early Socialization Skill: Taking Turns and Getting Along
Bonus Material: Lyric Sheet, Parent's guide, Behind the Scenes movie and bonus movie, Behave Bernard
Awards: Creative Child Magazine SEAL OF EXCELLENCE

The Wheels on the Bus DVD Volume III with characters Mango & Papaya.  In this adventure, Mango and Papaya help a little dog who missed his ride to the Big Dog Parade. They learn about taking turns and getting along as they visit Joe's Garage and visit an enchanted forest on their way to the parade. Special stops at the Jungle Bug Adventure, Joe's Garage, an Enchanted Forest, and The Big Dog Parade.


"The Wheels on the Bus – Mango’s Big Dog Parade” is the newest episode of the award-winning series of children’s films based on the beloved song - The Wheels on the Bus, staring the voice talents of Roger Daltrey of The Who.

In this adventure Mango and his friends help a little doggie, named Woof, who has missed his ride to the Big Dog Parade. They learn about taking turns and getting along as they visit Joe’s Garage, The Jungle Bug Adventure, and journey through an Enchanted Forest on their way to find the Parade.

“Mango’s Big Dog Parade” is sprinkled with valuable lessons such as taking turns, getting along, and getting ready on time.


  • The Jungle Bug Adventure
  • Joe’s Garage
  • An Enchanted Forest
  • The Big Dog Parade

Between stops, the passengers on the bus sing lively verses of "The Wheels on the Bus" as well as five new songs composed by Laura Hall and sung by Roger Daltrey. 11-year-old Janie Laurel Escalle plays the role of Coco, the friend who guides our group through their adventure.

Key Messages for Children:

“Mango's Big Dog Parade” teaches the early socialization skills of Taking Turns, Getting Along, Good Manners and Cooperation. The lessons were developed under the guidance of esteemed Yale University Child Psychologist, Dr. Dorothy Singer, who ensured that the educational content was correct and that the videos were overall appropriate for the intended age group (2-4 years).

Product Information:

DVD for home viewing market for children ages 2-4, but appealing to children ages 1-5.  Feature film runs 33 minutes. Bonus material includes “The Making of” which runs 20 minutes, bonus movie, Behave Bernard, which runs 11 mins, 

icon Mangos Big Dog Parade Lyrics (216.38 kB)

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I love the new DVD!

Written by Sue Price
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This may be my favorite DVD yet! Thank you for all your great work. Our family loves the Wheels on the bus. Thank you!


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