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Jillian Hartfelder

Dear Tim and Celeste,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for creating The Wheels on the Bus Video. I must say, I was slightly skeptical when I first picked it up for my two-year old twins, but the first time they watched it, they were hooked. We now own three copies, one for the car, one for the house and one for the hospital, where my daughter frequents as a patient. April and Hayley can sing all the words and say almost the whole text of the movie before the actors even say it! And this is quite an accomplishment for Hayley as she lost her hearing due to meningitis this past May, and all of her language acquisition is post-deafened. (Her web-site is if you are interested) She hears through a cochlear implant. This video is played during all car trips to her ENT clinic where she sometimes has to go twice a week, and its the EXACT length of my car trip, thankfully we live in Germany at the moment, where I can drive as fast as necessary to times our trips around this video!!!! Our PX (we're an Army family) always has these in stock, though they do sell out quickly as they are really popular here!!! I had no idea you came out with another video, and I will be buying Mango helps the moon mouse as soon as I take the time to order it online! I hope it comes close to The Wheels on the Bus, because to tell you the truth, some days I think if I hear the wheels on the bus one more time, I might snap!

But once again, thanks for helping to bring music back into a deaf little girl's life - I really think this video contributed greatly to her speech acquisition, and proved to me, and a lot of skeptical medical professionals here, that children who hear with cochlear implants instead of with their ears can appreciate music. You haven't really lived until you hear a profoundly deaf two year old sing The Wheels On The Bus perfectly and in pitch. We look forward to more videos from your company.

Very Truly Yours,

Jillian Hartfelder


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