LA Premier Screening of “Mango’s Big Dog Parade,” with Roger Daltrey

Click to PreviewThe newest episode in the award-winning The Wheels on the Bus series, "Mango’s Big Dog Parade", was unveiled at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Hollywood last Sunday. The screening was enthusiastically attended by the majority of the cast and crew. Roger Daltrey of The Who, who is the voice of Argon the Dragon in the DVD series, attended the screening and voiced his support of the program to the packed theatre, “I hope you get on and make more,” said Daltrey, “I think this is a wonderful program.” Roger remarked on how captivated the children were watching "Mango’s Big Dog Parade," and commented, “they must have enjoyed it!” Following the show, Constance Tillotson, SAG board member, moderated a Q&A panel comprised of Tim Armstrong, Creator/Writer/Producer & Director of The Wheels on the Bus series; Tiffany Foster, Producer and CEO of Our Happy Child Productions; Laura Hall, musical composer; Janie Laurelle Escalle, actress and star of the series; and Mona Marshall, voice of Mango the monkey. Many questions were asked including 6 year old Hixon who asked how many people were in the film, and 5 year old Macy who asked how the puppets were made. Luckily the puppet maker was also present and fielded her question!

"Mango’s Big Dog Parade" was given 200 thumbs up by the 100-person audience, and has already won three prestigious industry awards, including Creative Child Seal of Excellence, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and iParenting Hot media award. The Wheels on the Bus: "Mango’s Big Dog Parade" will be distributed by Porchlight Home Entertainment and will be released at retail, and on January 22, 2008.


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parents choice silver honor iParenting Media Award Winner  Dove Family Approved best vacation childrens product The National Parenting Center Kids First! All-Star Creative Child Seal of Excellence award